You may follow this instructional guide for the purpose to download, install, and activate your McAfee products that you have purchased from But before taking our discussion further on this, let us have a glance at what McAfee is, what are its features and why one must have it on his devices. The brand is best-known among several other brands that manufacture computer antivirus. The team behind its manufacturing has always tried its best to provide users with multiple defensive layers of strong and flawless protection. It is essential to have an antivirus on your device to restrict the entry of corrupt forces that aim to harm your computer.

  • Navigate to from your web browser
  • Log in to your McAfee account by tapping on the “Sign in” option
  • Provide your McAfee product key in the given field
  • Make a selection for the “Country” and “Language” and tap “Next”
  • Choose the desired McAfee product and click on “Install”
  • Select “Run” when it gets downloaded to start using your product

Benefits of having an antivirus like McAfee

There are innumerable benefits of having such kind of security products installed on your PC. By deploying it, you can ensure the smooth running of your devices online as well as offline. Because of this, you can easily block the entry of unwanted and malicious software or programs in your device. Its additional layers of security minimize the risk of your device getting infected with unwanted risks and threats. Not only this, but its safeguarding features also allow you to enjoy a secure browsing experience online. Along with these key benefits of having McAfee, there are myriads of other features that lure the users to have it on their compatible devices.

Some additional features

  • You may use it to get rid of the annoying malware from your PC
  • It allows you to delete or disable the conflicting programs easily
  • Helps in the process to remove the unwanted add-ons
  • Along with this, you may use it to optimize the PC’s speed
  • You get the right to use any only platform worry-free
  • Helps in achieving faster and secure online transactions
  • Shields your PC against malicious programming software
  • Not only your PC is protected but also your device is

Pre-requisites to have McAfee Antivirus

Before moving on to download McAfee via, you must perform some pre-checks to avoid any hassle during the installation process.

  • Make sure your device has all the latest updates installed on it.
  • Remove any similar or conflicting programs that may hamper the smooth installation.
  • Check for the compatibility of the device with McAfee. (You may do so by navigating to the official website and checking the system requirements.)
  • If there is any temporary folder of the junk files, make sure to remove it beforehand.
  • Use a valid subscription of the McAfee product and keep its activation code near you.

Download McAfee via

You can download McAfee antivirus on your device by following the instructions listed below:

  1. Navigate to the McAfee’s activation page.
  2. Sign in using the “My Account” tab.
  3. Provide your login details and select “Sign in”.
  4. Provide the product key if prompted.
  5. Further, navigate to the “Subscriptions” section.
  6. Choose the subscribed McAfee product.
  7. Click on the “Add Device” option.
  8. Select the device on which you want to have it.
  9. In the end, tap on the “Download” button.

Once the setup file of McAfee has downloaded successfully, you have to follow some on-screen instructions to install it.

McAfee installation process- Explained

Via – make sure you have the product key before beginning the installation process.

  1. Go to the “downloads” folder to find McAfee.
  2. Locate the downloaded .exe file of McAfee.
  3. You may be asked to select your country and the language.
  4. Read the license agreement carefully.
  5. Click on “Agree” to initiate installation.
  6. Follow some easy on-screen prompts.

Ways to activate McAfee antivirus

The activation process of McAfee varies for Windows and Mac user and that is why it is explained separately here:

Mcafee Activate On Windows

  1. Double-click on the McAfee icon on your desktop.
  2. When prompted, enter the McAfee login details.
  3. Type the 25 digit McAfee activate product key.
  4. Click on the “activate” option present on the screen.
  5. Once you do this, your product will get activated.

Mcafee Activate On Mac

  1. Double-click on the installed McAfee file.
  2. Provide the serial number of your McAfee product.
  3. Enter the McAfee activation code when asked.
  4. You may also have to provide Mac admin details.
  5. Follow some prompts and click “Finish”.

You can now start using your product for taking the benefit of its varied features and functions.

Instructions to uninstall McAfee antivirus

Sometimes, there are some pre-installed programs or software that hampers the smooth installation of other programs. In this situation, you have to make sure that these programs do not clash with others. If there is any other antivirus solution on your device, then you should remove it first before installing the new one. Here is how you can uninstall the software:

  1. Open your device and click on the “Start” menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Control Panel” tab.
  3. From here, click on “Programs & Features”.
  4. Tap on the option that reads as “add or remove program”.
  5. This will fetch the list of installed programs.
  6. Locate “McAfee” and right-click on it.
  7. At last, click on the “uninstall” button.

Make sure you install the latest version of McAfee from once again so that your device doesn’t remain unprotected for even a while.


By now, you must have realized the importance of installing an antivirus solution and make sure you follow the steps in a systematic way to guarantee the success of the functioning of McAfee. If you haven’t understood any step or anything else given in this article, then you may seek professional help.